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Beauty for a longer time

Only hand wash the plates with hot water and a dishwashing soap. Avoid washing the plates in the dishwasher. After washing, place the plates evenly on the dryer, making sure that plates are receiving enough air flow on both of their sides. Avoid stacking the plates while they’re still wet.

In order to disinfect the plates and get rid of potential odors, you might consider the use of the vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray the vinegar evenly on the plate surface, wait about 2-3 minutes and wipe dry.

Potential stains might be removed with a paste, prepared with the following ingredients: 2 spoons of the baking soda, 1 spoon of salt, 3 spoons of water.

Carefully wipe the entire plate with such paste, leave on for 5-10 minutes and wipe with a wet cloth, until the plate is clean.

Perfect way for removing odors from wood is by wetting it, sprinkling with salt and rubbing it with one half of a lemon.

Every once in a while, we suggest impregnating the plates. It is best done by the use of pharmaceutical paraffin oil, which is safe, colorless and odorless.

You should avoid using plant based oils, as after a while, they tend to become rancid, while producing quite an ugly odor. Good alternative to the plant based oils are coconut oil or our signature paste, made with the use of beeswax, available for purchase at our store.

If you wish to restore the primal appearance of your plate after a long time of using it, you should start with carefully washing and drying it. Once the plate is dry, you may proceed to grinding with sandpaper – first by the use of the 120 granulation one, then by the 180. After grinding, you should dust the plate with a soft, dry cloth and impregnate it with oil or paste. Leave the plate for about a day, allowing the oil to penetrate the plate. After about 24 hours, remove the excess of oil, dry the plate and polish it with a dry cloth.

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